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Resources for the journey

I like tools, especially power ones. Tools, methods and models are great assets when used wisely. They can enhance life and facilitate reproduction. However, we must always remember they can’t create or reproduce life. Just like the body without the spirit is dead. . .tools, methods, and models without the Holy Spirit are also dead!

Resource 1

Ten Second Testimony

This simple tool reminds us of who we are in Christ and what He has done in our lives. It can be done in a little as 10 minutes yet has long term ramifications for yourself and others! It has been used by hundreds of individuals in the context of discipleship, freedom ministry and evangelism. It enables followers of Jesus to form a simple, powerful phrase to declare over their our own lives and to share with others. As you work through this exercise and use it on your own journey you will walk in greater confidence of God’s love for you and in your ability to share His love with others.


Resource 2

The Rich Family in Church

Are you rich or are you poor? And if you are rich, just how rich are you? This short story will cause all of us to pause, reflect, and realize that the answer to this question is all about gratefulness and generosity. When we focus on others life takes on a whole new perspective. You will be inspired and challenged by this short two minute read!