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This week Seth and I continue our conversation about John Chau, a friend of Seth’s who was martyred on North Sentinel Island.  We continue to ask the question, “What kind of person gives their life for Jesus?”  From there we explore John’s heart and passions.

Today we lean into two key aspects of John’s life which helped him in any situation.  John was a very thorough planner.  Yet he was able to set his plan aside and be flexible in the now moment.  He was sensitive to the Holy Spirit and followed His leading.  Join us as we share some stories that highlight these and other aspects of John’s life.

John was diligent to prepare for what God had said to him about going to the Sentinelese.  He gave himself wholeheartedly to a number of formal and intentional training processes.  In addition to that, one of the things that prepared John well was how he chose to invest in the people right in front of him.

God word says in Matthew 6:19, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  If we want God’s heart for lost people we have to invest in them.  This week pick someone in your life who doesn’t know Jesus.  Then come up you’re your plan and step out:  take them to lunch, write them a personal note, or do something else to connect with them and serve them.  In addition, spend at least 5 minutes praying for them.   Go for it!

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Bob Swank

About 15 years ago our heavenly Father began encouraging me in my role as His son and out of that in my role as a father, both biologically and spiritually. Through multiple encounters on my journey God has revealed His heart as my Father and affirmed my sonship in Him. Out of this has come His call to fully embrace who He has created me to be as a father and to share that with others.

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