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Today Seth and I look at the last three months of John Chau’s life.  Less than 90 days before John was martyred on North Sentinel Island he stayed in our home and was in Seth’s wedding.  That was the last time Seth saw him in person.

After that Seth was able to encourage him, text him, pray with him and hear how John’s progress was going, up until John went to North Sentinel Island itself.

Preparation is very important, but preparation leads to something.  At the end of the day John knew the results were in God’s hand.  God asks us to say yes not only with our words but with our actions.  John did just that.  John was willing to obey at any cost.  One of the motto’s John lived by was, “Jesus is worth it.”

John’s encounters with the Sentinelese people were brief before he paid the ultimate price.  However, even in those brief interactions we see the heart of God.

John walked in faith, knowing he would one day worship at the throne of God with the Sentinelese people.  In fact he wrote in his journal, “The eternal lives of this tribe are at hand, and I can’t wait to see them around the throne of God worshipping in their own language, as Revelation 7:9-10 states.”

Honor John with us today by taking 3 to 5 minutes to pray for the Sentinelese people.

Are you willing to pay the ultimate price?  Is Jesus worth it?



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Bob Swank

About 15 years ago our heavenly Father began encouraging me in my role as His son and out of that in my role as a father, both biologically and spiritually. Through multiple encounters on my journey God has revealed His heart as my Father and affirmed my sonship in Him. Out of this has come His call to fully embrace who He has created me to be as a father and to share that with others.

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