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Last week we started a conversation about parenting young children and laying foundations for all of us in the Lord, no matter our age.

We gave examples of how to:

  • Pursue closeness
  • Build trust
  • Get on their level
  • Pray over them
  • Be playful

Today we continue our conversation and share stories of:

  • Imparting the word of God to our children.
    • Psalm 23 and I John 4:8.
    • Using screen time to make a positive impact.
  • Reading to our children before they go to bed or at other times.
  • We used to play a game at bedtime where each family member would say something simple and fun they were grateful for and we would keep going round and around with everyone in the family.  This habit of gratefulness has spilled over into every season of life.

Ask yourself the question, “What is the foundation I want my children and the people I impact to embrace?”  Then be intentional about living and modeling that yourself.

In regards to spiritual parenting and influencing others, sometimes we are tempted to shut down when we see a deficit and ignore it.  Ask God for courage and wisdom.  Then dive in and do your best to encourage and redirect in love.  Don’t wait until you have it figured out to engage!

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Bob Swank

About 15 years ago our heavenly Father began encouraging me in my role as His son and out of that in my role as a father, both biologically and spiritually. Through multiple encounters on my journey God has revealed His heart as my Father and affirmed my sonship in Him. Out of this has come His call to fully embrace who He has created me to be as a father and to share that with others.

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